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Why PATOffice

Automated search, monitoring and analysis of patents

Monitor with one profile all new applications and patents of the most important patent offices worldwide in a uniform and clear representation. Also analyze your respective technology fields and competitors.

Access all patents and applications
Monitor all new applications and patents of the world's most important patent offices in a uniform and clear presentation with one profile.

Efficient IP Management
With PATOffice all IP rights, patent families and the valuations are available in an optimized and simple workflow. With only one software all information flows can be merged.

Maximum protection of your intellectual property and minimization of liability risks
PATOffice supports you in realizing an efficient monitoring process and helps you to identify potential risks at an early stage.

Recognize technological trends, new competitors and market-relevant changes
You will automatically receive the latest relevant intellectual property rights on a weekly basis. The analysis function provides you with interesting and meaningful reports on the individual and evaluated patent landscape.

More time for innovation and strategic decisions
The workflow and the software interface at PATOffice are optimized for speed. With PATOffice you save a lot of time in the evaluation, avoid double viewing and in the preparation of data for report.

Updated on: 13/07/2022

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