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Why PATOffice

PATOffice is a cloud-based IP management software solution that lets you
and analyze patents
as well as collaborate with you colleagues in one single place.

It allows rating, commenting, tagging, bookmarking and much more.

PATOffice will boost your efficiency as you do not have to use various tools for the single steps of patent management.

Please find a list of our USPs below**

Secure your database

We are working with instances on company-level, meaning that none of your data, your ratings or your comments will ever leave our database and will therefore never ever get to other customers of ours. We are promising the absolute security of your company-data.

Take advantage of the vast amount of patent data by breaking them down to only a few that really are relevant to you

There are more than 110 millions of patents worldwide. It is easy to figure that looking through them and also through new applications is stressful, chaotic and an endless process. With our intelligent approach our software automatically looks for patents relevant to you and therefore gives you significantly more time to actually look through the patents and potential infringements.

Access all patents and applications worldwide

Monitor all new applications and patents of the world's most important patent offices in a uniform and clear presentation with one profile.

Save time with our efficient IP management using automated workflows and content scoring

We have set up a rule-based frame in order for you to be able to easily implement an automation completely based on your needs. Based on these rules patents can be automatically tagged, assigned to specified users, forwarded to colleagues, integrated in workspaces and so forth. In fact there is almost no limit to setting up rules.

You will automatically receive the latest relevant intellectual property documents on a weekly basis.
The analysis function provides you with interesting and meaningful reports on the individual and evaluated patent landscape.

More time for innovation and strategic decisions

The workflow and the software interface at PATOffice are optimized for speed.
With PATOffice you save a lot of time in the evaluation, avoid double viewing and in the preparation of data for report.

Updated on: 11/05/2023

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