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What is PATOffice?

PATOffice is the AI-based IP management software for SMEs.

A brief introduction

europatent GmbH developed PATOffice as a patent information system. Now the functions range from search, monitoring, artificial intelligence to analytics.

What is PATOffice?

PATOffice makes IP management easy. Get access to more than 130 million IP rights. PATOffice provides you with relevant IP rights.

The dashboard is simple and intuitive. See all relevant IP rights at once. We have placed great emphasis on simple workflows through automation:

IP rights get assigned to users based on rules. Users rate, comment or suggest actions (e.g. "inform patent attorney") fast and easy.
Highlighting, exporting or redistributing has never been easier thanks to our Action Manager.

Your individual ratings are the basis for future actions - your IP treasure.

The PATOffice Dashboard

PATOffice Dashboard EN

Updated on: 19/12/2022

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