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What is PATOffice?

PATOffice is an intelligent IP software-as-a-service solution for SMEs and start-ups making your IP management efficient, fast and intelligent.

Our History

PATOffice - powered by europatent draws, as the name suggests, on over 70 years of IP experience.
With europatent we have already been the German IP service provider for patent monitoring, file inspection and procedural status since the 1950s.
Our services have been deliverd to various companies,** ranging from SMEs and large-scale companies to patent attorneys and law firms**, but also young enterprises and start-ups.
Only a few years ago we started developing a software combining our manual services in it in order to serve our customers even faster and also to an on-demand solution for thoe who do not want to rely on extrenals when it comes to researching relevant patents.
Currently we are focusing primarily on our software in order to provide state-of-the-art tools for customers and to develop us and our software further and further.

And what exactly is PATOffice and why do we focus so much on our new product?

PATOffice is our cloud-based SaaS software, with the help of which we would like to enable the IP management of SMEs and start-ups on the one hand and, in a next step, raise it to an unprecedented level.
Our existing services are now bundled in our software and presented in a practical and understandable way in our PATOffice dashboard.

Our offering includes

Patent search
Patent search
Patent monitoring
Patent analytics

The IP workflow can be personalized and automated to a high degree.

And what exactly do I get out of it?

You can see at a glance which patents could be relevant for you and your field.
You stay up to date on new developments at known competitors or discover completely new players from all over the world.
With this knowledge you can protect yourself and your patents, have your own patent infringements on the screen, but probably the most exciting thing about it:
You raise your innovation management to the next level.

So why wait until the trade fairs to marvel at the latest products of the competition? With PATOffice you are always one step ahead.

Updated on: 11/05/2023

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