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Who benefits from PATOffice?

PATOffice is a must for everyone dealing with international competition.

Make strategic decisions based on innovation and trends in a structured way.
PATOffice provides detailed insights on international patent activities with little effort.

Which persons should get PATOffice?

Managing directors
Head of IP, IP Portfolio Managers
Development departments
Patent departments, especially of SMEs
Patent attorneys

And why?

Increasing efficiency through quick and easy processing
Saving costs and transparent pricing model
Securing patent monitoring
Secure information flow and knowledge transfer
Training IP awareness
Documenting IP related activity
Control your IP Compliance

Automated search, monitoring and analysis of patents
Track new applications and patents from various patent offices. Analyse your respective technology fields and competitors.

Access to all patents and applications
Track new applications and patents around the world with one profile.

Efficient IP management
All IP rights, patent families and ratings are available in one software.

Maximum protection and minimisation of liability
Install an efficient monitoring process and identify potential risks at an early stage.****

Identify technological trends, new competitors and changes.
You receive the latest relevant IP rights on a weekly basis. Check your patent landscape with the analysis function and create individual reports.

More time for innovation and strategic decisions
The workflow and interface are fast and easy. Save a lot of time in rating, reviewing and data management.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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