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Which solutions does PATOffice offer?

IP management made easy

PATOffice is a cloud-based patent management software.

Make your IP management efficient and simple. Track competitor activities and discover important strategic innovation opportunities first.


We have access to over 130 million IP rights from over 100 countries (patents & trademarks). Access all documents and sources relevant to you. Our search engine provides filter options and creation of complex monitoring profiles.


Our automated monitoring system provides all IP rights for your profile. Reduce the time needed to search and analyse relevant patents up to 90% and manual work.
The "Content Score" (link) identifies relevant IP rights and workflow (link) distributes them to defined users.


Track everything: competitive changes, technological trends, market niches and potential competitors. We use nothing less than your personal evaluations and assessments. We use artificial intelligence to create tailormade individual evaluations of the patent landscape. PIA makes your everyday life even easier and more exciting.


We offer you your own database directly in PATOffice. Find all patents from worldwide databases. All patents at a glance. This company-specific databases is your IP treasure. Display relevant competitive information and market trends.
A database full of rated patents is the cornerstone for AI projects (link). Feel free to contact us at: Link


Workflow is automation: a simple tool to classify all new IP rights and distribute them to your users.


We serve a wide range of customers:

Mechanical engineering
Bio- and pharmaceutical science
Law firms

For a non-binding consultation, please send us an email to:

Updated on: 19/12/2022

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