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Rating patents

The most important task in PATOffice: Rating patents

according to their relevance in your company / area of technology

In order to actually make sense of the flood of patents and also in roder for PATOffice o be able to improve the ai-based analysis of relevant patents for you, it is absolutely necessary to rate patents according to their relevance for your company / field of technology etc.

Therefore we will talk about the following topics in this article:
Where to rate patents?
How to rate patents? (Spoiler alert: Important!! 😋)

Where to rate patents?

Rating your assigned patents happens in the detailed view of the document. In order to get to the detail view please just click on any patent in the search console (you may see how you do that here.)

Once you are in the detail view of the patent and once you have read the patent accordingly, please have a look at the right side of the page, where you may find the sections for tagging, user assignments and also for commenting and rating (at the end of the box on the right side).

Rating a patent in the detail view

How to rate patents?

This is fairly easy 😊
The only thing you need to do is to make up your mind on how many stars you think the document deserves for your area.
In order for you to have a slight framework on how our customers are working with the star rating, we have put together a little overview:

❌ Not relevant
⭐ State of the art / interesting but not relevant
⭐⭐ Interesting for my tech area
⭐⭐⭐ Potential infringement / own R&D

In order to give your rating, simply click on the amount of stars you want to give (see picture above).
Sometimes you feel like adding a short comment to your rating or forwarding the document to another colleague to get their opinion on a specific document.
You can do so by simply adding the comment inthe text field and, if needed, tag a @friend/colleague to let him/her know the comment is for him/her.

You can change the amount of stars as well as the comment as long as you have not yet clicked on "Submit".
Once you click on "Submit" your rating / task is done and you can head to the next.
Afterwards you may only delete the comment and the rating in case you are not happy with the rating later on. We are currently working on editing the comment/rating as well.

By the way:
Heading to the next document is very easy. You can simply click on the arrows in the upper left corner of the detail view:

Scrolling through documents

Updated on: 22/05/2023

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