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How to read patents in PATOffice

This article gives you an overview on how to access the patents assigned to you and how you read them - in general and in PATOffice.

1. Accessing the Patent

Once you have clicked on "Open Tasks" or "View all" in the same box, you will get to an overview of all patents in your personal database. This is also referred to as your search console / your database.

This will probably look similar to the picture below.
In order to access a single patent, please just click on it in the list (see red box):

2. Reading the patent - a general instruction

First of all we will look at how patents are structured in general. This is important to know in order to be as efficient as possible when it comes to actually working with the document.

Second we will look at how you should read the patent respectively the order you should use when reading the documents. Some chapters are more important than others, some are only supplying additinal information, others keep the essential information.

This order will help you to be as fast as possible when it comes to going through documents and rating them efficiently.

3. Reading the patent - in the PATOffice interface

Within the PATOffice interface you are perfectly able to pursue the structure mentioned above.
In PAtOffice you can customize your view as you may select different views of the patent in two columns. For both columns you can choose whatever you like to see. In our screenshot below you can see that we have the drawings on the very left side and continue with the claims in column two. If we want to pursue our recommended structure, you could choose the description for column 1 or 2 later on.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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