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Commenting and proposing actions

The second most important step in PATOffice: Commenting and proposing according actions

In order for your colleagues to gain more context of your rating, it sometimes makes perfect sense to have a little more information to the rating. Therefore we highly recommend adding your thoughts to your rating with the comment function.


As already explained in the previous article, you may add a comment at the same time as giving your rating.

Commenting in PATOffice

A comment may e.g. be a summary of the invention in your own easy-to-read words or a hint to similar products / trials or influences on your own developments.

Proposing actions

Even though we are currently working on improving this feature to make it even more convenient, we still do not want to hold it back at this time for you.
In order to propose certain actions to your admin or specific colleagues we are currently using the tag function in PATOffice.

While setting up your PATOffice interface we will define certain action tags with your admin. These predefined tags will be available for you to select in the detail patent view accordingly.

Action Proposal in Patent Detail View

This is where you can select the predefined tags.
Please have a look at how the tag management looks like:

Tag Management for Action Proposals

By clicking on the tag you want to add (see picture "Einspruch einlegen" - sorry for the German, it will of course be set up in your own language).
The tag you clicked on will automatically be added to the selected tags in the field below:

Adding Tags

The tag is now added to the document.

Tag added to the document

Please be aware:

These predefined tags do have a designated tile on your admin's dashboard. He/she will be notified if your proposed actions and will get back to you accordingly.
In order to reduce iterating loops, please make sure to add a comment to the document when proposing an action

Updated on: 22/05/2023

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