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Navigating the PATOffice interface

The first thing you, as a user (please find the admin dashboard view further down) will see after logging in to PATOffice is your personal dashboard. We have compiled a nice screenshot for you to be able to find your way around the various functions within your interface.

The dashboard can be seen as your personal control center. This is where you can access everything.
The first thing relevant for you is probably looking at tasks assigned to you.
Tasks that are assigned to you normally are requests to rate specific patents according to their relevance in your area of work.
How to rate patents we will explain later on.


By clicking on "Open tasks" in red in the upper right corner you will be redirected to a list of patents that were assigned to you by your admin. Your goal is to always make sure to complete open tasks on a regular basis. And keep in mind: this number may fill up faster than you think.

Navigation bar at the top

At the very top of the PATOffice software you find icons that you might probably know already.

Your account
You find your personal account at the upper right corner showing your initials. This is where you can direcly enter your personal settings, e.g. changing your password or your profile picture, and also you directly get forwarded to this help desk.
So keep in mind, that you may always get here just by clicking on your profile in PATOffice.

You also find a little bell on the upper right corner of your PATOffice interface.
This is were you find all notifications that are relevant for your. This might be e.g. if a new task is created, a patent is assigned to you or if a patent that you have previously looked at was commented by one of your colleagues and he/she wants you to engage.
In the future you will of course also be notified in terms of upcoming software updates, new users, new functions and so on.

You can also directly change your language within your dashboard. Currently we offer a German and an English version.

Navigation bar on the left

As a PATOffice user you are seeing "**Dashboard**" as well as "**Search**" on the left side of your navigation bar.
By now you already know your dashboard a little.

is your personal database where you find all patents that were/are assigned to you and which you have already rated.
We will give you more insights on how to work with the search interface later on.

The graphs

The graphs on the lower part of your dashboard show you the distribution of the ratings of the patents assigned to you.
You may filter the graph based on calender week and also based on the rating itself.
Just click your way through and you will get along in the dashboard better and better.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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