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How do I set up a new (research) project?

A research project is a workspace where you may save exciting researches in one place.
Where you may add documents later on and where you can save comments and ratings belonging to patents in this specific workspace.

In order to set up a new research project you may follow the same as steps as to create a monitoring workspace:

1. New workspace

Simply click on the button New project:

Now enter a name for your workspace and choose your preferred colour:

Afterwards the Workspace settings will open. Add the colleagues who should work on your workspace and choose the available tags:

You are always welcome to add further tags or colleagues to this workspace (or delete obviously 😉)

2. Add documents from your research

We are now assuming that we would like to set up a research project, with hits that we got from a prior research we made.

Let's have a look at the research masque and how we get to according documents:

Once we hit the button "Search" we hope for some hits, which will then be displayed in a nice overview list, see example below:

Here we got two hits (I guess with your expert research entries you will get many more 😉)

To add these results to your previously set up workspace you may select the ones you want to add by clicking on the checkbox on the left side of the table:

To select all of them, you can simply click on the checkbox in the first line of the table.

If a document you found is already saved in your database you will see this in the column "saved".
Of course you can click into the patent's detail view first before you add it to a dedicated workspace.
Note: You can add patents to more than one workspace.

Once you are fine with your selection, click on "Add documents" on the right side of your table:

A pop-up window will open, where you may select the workspaces you want to add the documents to:

Both documents are now saved in your PATOffice database and also part of the selected workspace:

The according workspace can be entered via the navigation bar on the left side of your screen under "Projects".

Updated on: 31/05/2023

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