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How do I set up a new monitoring workspace?

Your main advantage with activating a monitoring profile for a certain workspace is that all users engaged in that workspace will be automatically provided with the newest patents found with this monitoring profile. You can activate as many monitorings as possible according to your subscription plan for your individual workspaces.

1. New monitoring workspace

Simply click on the button New project:

Now enter a name for your workspace and choose your preferred colour:

Afterwards the Workspace settings will open. Add the colleagues who should work on your workspace and choose the available tags:

Next step and most importantly: Check which monitoring profile(s) should be active for this workspace - you may do so under the next tab "Automation".

This workspace will from now on receive all new patents automatically - based on the underlying monitoring profile(s)

2. Add a monitoring profile to an existing monitoring workspace

Choose an existing monitoring workspace in your menu:

Within the "Automation" tab you may choose from the existing monitoring profiles which one you want to add to this workspace:

If you want to add a monitoring profile that is not yet active / in the system, you need to set up a new monitoring profile.
Please read here to find out, how to set up a new monitoring profile. (will be available shortly).

Have you exhausted your available monitoring profiles?
Our price plans normally depend on a predefined amount of available monitoring profiles. If you are experiencing a need for more than your predefined profiles, please feel free to get in touch with us to upgrade your subscription.
We will for sure find a nice solution for your needs:

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Updated on: 31/05/2023

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