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Can I add my own tag categories?

In order to set up an individual categorization system you can work with tags and overarching tag categories, in order to bundle certain tags below a specific category. This way you can set up a category system that has an efficient hierarchy inplace.

You may access the tag management section in your general settings.

You'll find a section that specifically overs the tag management of PATOffice.

In the Tag category management you can define new categories (i.e. technology, product etc.). Simply enter a category and select a color.
You may also edit the tag category (e.g. changing the name or the color), deactive the category (in order to get it back at a later stage in time) or completely delete it from your database.

In the Tag management you can define tags which belong to certain tag categories. Just enter a Tag name and select a category.
The same adjustment settings apply for tags as it does for the categories.
Some tags are "read only", meaning that they were implemented globally and cannot be changed. At the moment, these "read-only" tags especially serve for the function "action proposal".

You can also deactivate Tag categories and single Tags.


If you want to remove a Tag category from the database it will entirely disappear from all assigned patents!

You can't remove a Tag category if there are still assigned Tags!

Updated on: 22/05/2023

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