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What are tags?

A tag is a piece of information that describes the data or content associated with it. Tags are non-hierarchical keywords used with files and other formats. A tag itself does not contain any information or semantics.

Tagging can map many functions, including:

Identification of ownership/affiliation with a particular team or project.
Description of content type
and many more.

Categorize your patent specifications without limits with the help of tags. Organize your IP rights by actions, products, technologies or projects, etc.

PATOffice provides predefined tags. You can also create them yourself under "Tag Management".

Assign your tags with workflows according to your settings.

You can categorize your IP rights by required actions, product or technology. You can also create your own tags and categories.

But be careful! Very often tags are assigned without a system. This leads to a mess with little added value.

Updated on: 22/05/2023

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