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What account settings can I make in PATOffice?

To adjust account settings in PATOffice click on the button settings:

You can customize the following settings:
Tag category management: Add, edit and disable tag categories
Tag management: Add, edit and disable tags
User management: Add, edit and disable users
Global options: Set the rights and available options for PATOffice users

Adding, editing and deactivating tag categories

In the "Tag Category Manager" you can create, edit, deactivate or delete all tag categories. Categorizing tags helps organizing your workspaces. You can read more about it here.

Adding, editing and deactivating tags

In the "Tag Assistant" menu you can create, edit, disable or delete tags. Assign tags to categories here.

Add, edit and deactivate users

In the menu item "User Management" admins can manage and add users. Read more about user management in PATOffice software here.

Global settings that control the rights of PATOffice users.

In the menu item "Global Options" you can enable/disable functions for users. Read more about this here.

Updated on: 22/05/2023

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