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What is the PATOffice search?

The PATOffice Search gives access to all the data contained in PATOffice and serves as your individual database.
We sometimes called it data treasury.

Based on your defined monitoring profiles, new relevant patents will be added to your database on a regular basis, meaning that your PATOffice search is growing everyday.

The process of rating the according patents normally has an underlying automation that distributes new patents to according colleagues in order for them to rate them.
These documents and the according ratings will for sure be part of your PATOffice search.

In order to find all documents quickly and easy, the PATOffice search interface has various options that you may use to filter the documents fast.

Search Mask

Please find out more about the different properties of PATOffice search here.

Search results are displayed as a list by default.
But you can also visualize them graphically (in case you have the according rights to do so).
Read how it works here.

Another feature of your PATOffice search is the Actions Manager.
Start various actions for multiple specifications at the same time and export multiple documents at once.
Read more about it here.

Updated on: 22/05/2023

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