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How are my search results presented?

Presentation of Seach results

Once you have entered all relevant search criteria into your search mask, you may hit enter or "Search", you will find all your search results displayed as a list below your search mask:

Search Results

Adjusting your result view

All documents are listed based on critera that you may adjust yourself via the tab "Table Settings":

Table Settings

This is where you may adjust your table view, adjust the columns you see and also in which order you see the columns accordingly.

Using the standard view of configuring your own

You may either configure the table according to your own personal needs, or you may also use the standard view:

Configuring your own

If you want to configure an own table setting you can adjust the shown columns, simply by clicking the needed column name in the left side of the pop-up, click "add" and it will be moved to the right side of the pop-up and therefore will be disyplayed in your table:

Changing the order of columns in your table view

If you want to change the order of your table columns you may do so by simply clicking on the column name on the right side of the pop-up and drag the column to the place where you need it to be:

Updated on: 16/06/2023

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