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What functions are available on my dashboard?

Here you can see how many IP rights were imported into your database in the selected period.

Did you set up workflows? See the status of your distributed IP rights. No workflow set up yet? Find out more under Workflow.
IP rights can be distributed manually. Select the respective IP right and assign it to a user.

The status of the protection rights with tags is displayed here. No tags defined? Here you can find out how our tag management works.

Open Tasks
Here you can see the not yet evaluated IP rights for the selected period.

Completed tasks
All rated IP rights for the selected period are shown here.

All tasks by completed status
Visualization of open and completed tasks for the selected period.

If an action tag has been assigned to certain IPRs, they are listed here.

Monitoring options overview
Have you activated status monitoring, citation tracker or family monitoring? See all updates here.

Open tasks by section
An overview of all open tasks per monitoring profile.

Monitoring profiles
Find a visualization of the ratings of your tasks and monitoring profiles.

Updated on: 19/04/2023

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