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What does the dashboard of a user look like?

The PATOffice Dashboard is the interactive overview of your tasks and may also be seen as your go-to-place when it comes to your daily IP tasks.
You may see it as your cockpit, from where you may enter everything related to your IP tasks.

Get a live overview of all actions and activities in your PATOffice profile.

Open tasks are displayed in the upper right corner of your dashboard - it is a simple and effective overview of the current status of your and your colleagues' work.

The PATOffice dashboard is designed to help you collaborate with your colleagues by efficiently seeing what your team is working on and how much was already done.
You may also distribute tasks, exchange comments or suggest specific actions respectively react to all your colleagues' actions.

The User Dashboard shows only tasks assigned to the according user, which makes it straight forward when it comes to work on specific tasks.

Updated on: 22/05/2023

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